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  • Marketo, founded by Philip Fernandez, sells software that companies can use to consolidate their online, social, and mobile marketing activities into one platform. To stand out from other software marketing companies, Marketo touts its customer-service tools, which include consulting services and discussion forums for Marketo customers. The company says its goal is to help customers navigate the evolving digital market landscape. Marketo faces stiff competition, however, from large, enterprise-level software companies that are now getting into the marketing software game, including Oracle and SAP. To stay innovative (and to continue meeting the changing needs of its customers), Marketo says it plans to release a new application for its marketing platform every 12 to 18 months for the foreseeable future. Note: employee count as of Dec. 31, 2015 read more
  • Locations

    • 901 Mariner's Island Blvd. Suite 200 , San Mateo CA 94404
    • San Mateo CA
  • Total Funding (USD)

    108.4 million
  • Industries

    Internet, Software
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