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    GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney told Inc. that the company was born out of frustration at "the lack of dinner options as well as the pain in the ass of calling restaurants and reading our credit cards." Today, GrubHub ensures that a lack of options is the last thing diners have to worry about. GrubHub currently works with more than 40,000 restaurants, displaying their menus on its website and providing a way for customers to order food online. The company was able to successfully ward off one competitor--Seamless--after the two merged in 2013. But now GrubHub faces new competition from companies like Uber, which want to take a bite out of its revenue after seeing see how lucrative the food-delivery business can be. To maintain its status as a market leader, GrubHub is continuously looking for new restaurants to add to its network. Note: employee count as of Dec. 31, 2015

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    • 39 West 19th Street 7th Floor, New York City NY 10011
    • 2211 N. Elston Ave., suite 400, Chicago IL 60614
    • New York City NY
    • New York NY
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    135.1 million
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    3.4 million
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    Drones, Software, Mobile Apps, Video Games, Real Estate, Internet
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