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Ticker Symbol Entity Name As Of Date Company Name Followers Employees on Linkedin Link Industry Date Added Date Updated Description Website Specialities Logo HQ.Street HQ.City HQ.State HQ.Country HQ.Postal GICS Sector GICS Industry
private:atrimedpharmaceuticalspvtltd-2 1437411 May 22nd, 2019 12:00AM Atrimed 162 51.00 Open Pharmaceuticals May 22nd, 2019 11:02AM May 22nd, 2019 11:02AM Atrimed Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by health care professionals with vast experience in India and other parts of the world. The directors are individuals who are actively involved in research and developmental activities. Atrimed is backed by research and developmental activities carried out for more than 15 years and started marketing its products in 2003. Supported by motivated and empowered professional staff working in various departments, Atrimed is a strongly knit organization, creating environment for innovation. Quality and ethics are innate to the organization. ATRIMED has policies and procedures to preserve the highest quality standards, assured therapeutic efficacy, immaculate packing and appreciable sense of aesthetics. Products tailored to the needs of customers have made ATRIMED a preferred company among doctors and patients. At ATRIMED, we use modern tools to sift through 5,000 years old wisdom of Ayurveda. We validate old concepts through modern methods. This results in unique products based on ancient knowledge refined by modern tools. Professionals at ATRIMED are constantly in contact with customers across the globe and continuously innovate to add features that cater to the growing demands of the customers. At Atrimed, We Care. Open herbal formulation, Research On Medicinal Plants, bioinformatics, cheminformatics, Therapeutics, Personal Care, Baby Care, Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic/Natural Health Open No. 29-30,14th Floor,Prestige Meridian Tower 2,MG Road, Bengaluru Karnataka IN 560001 Health Care Equipment & Services
private:atrimedpharmaceuticalspvtltd-2 1437411 Nov 7th, 2017 12:00AM Atrimed Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd 50 32.00 Open Pharmaceuticals Nov 7th, 2017 06:10PM Nov 7th, 2017 06:10PM Health Care Equipment & Services
private:atrimedpharmaceuticalspvtltd-2 1437411 Nov 1st, 2017 12:00AM Atrimed Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd 50 32.00 Open Pharmaceuticals Nov 1st, 2017 05:49AM Nov 1st, 2017 05:49AM Health Care Equipment & Services

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