Wield the web as data to outsmart competitors

Join the businesses who have begun to edge out competitors
by scouring the web for “alternative” data.


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Track company activity like never before

Alternative datasets reveal strategic movements within companies. Track when companies are hiring or firing employees, interacting with customers, moving product, and many other metrics indicative of company performance.

Anyone allocating capital can make better decisions with Thinknum Alternative Data

Investors and analysts generate actionable insights by tracking corporate performance.

Utilize user-friendly software
to quickly derive insights

  • Make fast

    You no longer have to rely on engineers to interact with data. Now you can build and share queries using intuitive tools.

  • Visualize data for quick insights

    You’ll have access to pre-configured maps, charts, word clouds, and advanced visualizations to understand the data quickly.

  • Create alerts. Be the first to know

    Scan data points across millions of companies and receive emails when relevant metrics cross critical thresholds.

  • Add widgets to your dashboards

    Access existing maps, charts, word clouds, and other visualizations to understand your data quickly. Or build custom widgets to view data just the way you want it.

Explore datasets from 450,000+ companies

Thinknum’s library features the longest history of alternative data
available anywhere. Efficiently search datasets organized
by a singular naming structure.

Product leaders agree Thinknum Alternative Data is a critical resource

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