Haverty Furniture

Last Updated 2021-09-17
  • In 1885, J.J. Haverty founded Haverty Furniture Company in downtown Atlanta.
  • Locations

    • 8599 S Tamiami Trl, Sarasota FL
    • 8049 Gaylord Pkwy, Frisco TX
    • 780 Johnson Ferry Rd Ste 800, Atlanta GA
    • 724 Home Center Dr Nw, Kennesaw GA
    • 7101 Smith Corners Blvd, Charlotte NC
    • 2940 Apalachee Pkwy, Tallahassee FL
    • 2616 S Shackleford Rd, Little Rock AR
    • 1175 N Eglin Pkwy, Shalimar FL
    • 103 N Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville KY
  • Industries

    Software, Mobile Apps, Video Games
  • Security

    Type: ORD
    CUSIP: 419596101
    ISIN: US4195961010
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