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As companies move their business operations to the Internet, new data trails are being created that provide unique actionable insights on these companies.

Thinknum indexes these web data trails in one platform, providing investors with critical data points that others miss.

Track the expansion of UberEATS vs. Grubhub by number of restaurants

Thinknum's users include hundreds of hedge funds,
banks and investment firms managing over $3 trillion AUM.

Discover our datasets

Our dataset library contains a large amount of various data sets from different industries. You can track data like the average pricing and promotion of individual products sold via retailers. And many more...

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  • Job Listings

    Discover which companies are hiring
    on a daily basis

  • Car Inventory

    Track the individual cars sold
    by car dealers

  • Store Locations

    Track store growth and overlay competitors
    and demographic data

  • Tenants for REIT

    Analyze REIT growth on a tenant-by-
    tenant basis

  • LinkedIn Headcount

    Track the number of employees
    for companies

  • Glassdoor Profile Metrics

    Analyze employee sentiment for

  • Products Listed Online

    Track online product pricing and
    promotional activity

  • Properties

    Track real estate pricing by individual
    property and city

  • There are many more Datasets available.

Track real-time demands

Get notified at inflection points. How many loans has Lending Club issues today?

Butterfly Effect

Analyze macro data at the zipcode level to discover outperforming businesses.

Will Shake Shack or Five Guys benefit more from low unemployment in New York or Texas?

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