Discover our insightful collection of resources and learn how investment firms and corporations leverage external data to generate actionable insights, make strategic decisions and create alpha-generating trading algorithms.

  • External Data: The New Standard for Business Intelligence

    As economic activity comes online, operators get holistic views of their industries with external data. In this report, we cover use cases of external, alternative data for corporate strategy, HR analytics, shared economy businesses and trend forecasting.

  • Human Capital Data and Financial Outcomes

    In this study developed by Ben Zweig, an Adjunct Professor at NYU Stern School of Business, he harnesses the power of alternative data by exploring the relationship between job postings and company performance.

  • Keeping an Automated "Eye" on CI by IDC

    IDC research shows that the companies that purchase external data already have high quality internal data (78% rate their own data quality as very good or excellent), but they purchase data services to extend their own capabilities.

  • Using Alternative Data to Analyze the Economic Downturn

    Track shifts in economic activity due to COVID-19. See real-time shifts in business trends such as energy utilization, online streaming, food delivery usage and more.

  • How VCs are Using Alternative Data to Find the Next Unicorn

    Leading firms harness the power of alternative data to identify fast growing startups. Download our guide for VCs to see how you can leverage alternative data to track companies in realtime and find the top competitors for your investment decision.

  • External Data Guide to Workforce Analytics 2020

    Innovative HR leaders unlock new business opportunities with external data. Download the Workforce Analytics Guide 2020 to learn about the latest applications of alternative, external data for analyzing labor market, competitive job marketing, company's inclusion & diversity metrics, employer brand value, growth benchmarking and employee sentiment.

  • Leverage Alternative Data for SaaS Companies

    While SaaS companies are almost always very private about their numbers and metrics, they have a wealth of alternative data available that can be used to generate insights into both future successes and looming failures.

  • Use Cases of Alternative Data for Private Equity

    While gathering data on private companies has always been difficult compared to doing so for their public counterparts, the migration of business to the web has opened a flood gate of previously inaccessible information that savvy companies must turn to in the lightning-fast world of private equity.

  • Alternative Data Guide for Retail Industry

    Business intelligence officers and investors analyze retail industry in real time with alternative data. Download our Alternative Data Guide for Retail Industry to learn about the latest applications and datasets including - store openings and closures, product pricing, job listings and more.

  • Alternative Data Report - How Urgent Care Centers Disrupt US Retail Healthcare

    Sometimes a primary-care doctor isn’t available. Other times, an emergency room isn’t necessary. Somewhere in between is the growing urgent-care industry. We take a look at 12 of the biggest players in this new space that’s redefining retail healthcare.

  • Use Cases of Alternative Data in Capital Markets

    Thinknum enables business analysts and institutional investors to generate alpha-producing investment ideas and differentiated insights rooted in external data. Learn about Thinknum's unique data sets organized and connected to companies, sectors and locations.

  • Investor's Guide to Alternative Data in Real Estate

    This is a directory to new data sources available for analyzing real estate investments in real time.The overview includes introduction to use cases for Coworking Industry, Commercial & Residential REIT and Self Storage.

  • Stay Ahead of Global Volatility with Alternative Web Data

    This deck includes 5 cases studies on how traders can use alternative web data to stay ahead of global volatility.