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Discover our insightful collection of resources and learn how investment firms and corporations leverage external data to generate actionable insights, make strategic decisions and create alpha-generating trading algorithms.

  • Why publishers are turning to data for storytelling

    In this webinar, Joshua Fruhlinger, Publisher at Thinknum Media, will discuss why publishers and marketers are turning to data for story ideas. He’ll discuss how to understand the publishing landscape and then use external, alternative data to discover groundbreaking narratives. He’ll also talk to Jeremy Kaplan, Editor-in-Chief at Digital Trends, about how they look for stories and how they vet data in their operation where they publish close to 50 stories per day for a massive audience.

  • The Emperor’s New Clothes: Data insights into employee sentiment data

    Over the last decade, the wealth of data created by employees reviewing their employers on public platforms, such as Glassdoor, has allowed for unprecedented insight into the inner workings of thousands of companies. Donald Lee-Brown, Program Director and Data Scientist at Insight Data Science, and three Insight Data Science Fellows who used Thinknum's Glassdoor Reviews database to create new and innovative platforms. The panel will also discuss how employee sentiment data be used to derive insights for individuals, companies and investors.