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Thinknum's Spark program offers early-stage funds data, easy payment plans, and more to quickly get off the ground.

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Build, Accelerate, Scale

We're on a mission to back emerging fund managers to help you build a scalable business. Qualifying early-stage funds get a host of benefits, including heavily discounted access to our 30+ alternative datasets, generous buy now pay later options, exclusive resources, and the right mix of tools and expert support.

Hundreds of investment banks, hedge funds, and asset managers around the world rely on our alternative data to generate alpha. With Thinknum Spark, get data-driven insights while keeping costs under control.

Program Benefits

For new funds with less than $50M in AUM

  • Discounted Data

    Up to one year of heavily discounted access to our UI or API. Track Reddit mentions, job listings, employee sentiment, and more for over 500,000 public and private companies around the world.

    See all our datasets here
  • Buy Now Pay Later

    Get the data you need today, with generous payment plans that benefit your cashflow.

  • Exclusive Resources

    Unlimited access to Thinknum white papers, case studies, and webinars, as well as easy access to research reports citing our data from some of the world's leading institutions.

    See all our resources here
  • Expert Support

    Our customer success team has dedicated resources for early-stage funds. We understand your pain points and aim to give you seamless access to turnkey infrastructure so you can focus on maximizing returns and growing your fund.

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Thinknum Spark Providers

If you are a hedge fund accelerator, incubator, or other investment-fund-enabling organization interested in providing Thinknum Spark benefits to your early-stage funds, complete the online form and we'll be in touch.

Track Trending Reddit Stocks

About Data: Our new Reddit Mentions dataset tracks the number of times NYSE and NASDAQ tickers are mentioned in the top 100 posts on r/WallStreetBets and /Stocks in real time.

"The Fifth Wall Digitally Enabled Retailer Map powered by Thinknum...will be a game changer for consumers and brands alike."

Natalie Bruss, Fifth Wall

Track Commercial REITs

Leverage our REITs dataset to track tenant directories for hundreds of REITs on a daily basis. View aggregate vacancy rates per REIT, or exposure to specific tenants.

About Data: Track the square footage of all tenants for commercial REITs Rexford & First Industrial Realty.

"The tools we use and the data we pull from Thinknum help inform our equity research analysis so we can make unique, differentiated insights. The platform has been an important resource for data analysis on vehicle inventories, pricing at retailers, job openings, and various user metrics, among many other items."

Bill Pecoriello, Consumer Edge Research

Analyze Job Listings Over Time

Our Job Listings dataset tracks the number of open job listings for hundreds of thousand of companies in real time - a valuable leading indicator of future corporate performance.

About Data: Track the total number of job postings for major utility companies over the past year.

"Thinknum is a crucial thought partner to our business. They provide unique insights that help us understand trends and markets in an unparalleled way."

Benjamin Liu, First Generation Capital

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