Store Locations

  • 1,643 public companies / 6,118 private companies
  • 8 years and 5 months coverage

Thinknum’s “Store Locations” dataset allows users to overlay and calculate proximity and density of competitor overlap of store locations between thousands of public and private companies.

Use cases

  • For Business / Competitive Intelligence, Sales & Marketing, and People Analytics: map business locations (stores, agents, and more) for improved prospecting and partnerships. Track store opening and closings in real time to gain insights into your competitors’ growth strategy.
  • For Investors: leverage real-time map visualizations of companies’ bricks-and-mortar footprint to understand who is expanding and contracting in real time.
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Use Thinknum Alternative Data to discover movements across 35+ datasets covering public and private companies.

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Track company activity like never before

Alternative datasets reveal strategic movements within companies. Track when companies are hiring or firing employees, interacting with customers, moving product, and many other metrics indicative of company performance.

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No longer rely on engineers to access data; build and share queries with intuitive tools, and derive insights in real time.

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Scan data points across millions of companies and receive emails when relevant metrics cross critical thresholds.

Visualize data for quick insights

Create custom keyword-based word clouds, charts, and advanced visualizations to quickly analyze the data.

Map competitor locations

Analyze competitor presence and growth over time by overlaying store locations with the Nearby Competitor feature.

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Access existing maps, charts, word clouds, and other visualizations to understand your data quickly. Or build custom widgets to view data just the way you want it.

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