Alternative Data Portal Into The Metaverse

case study
PDF (8.29MB)

Thinknum’s Alternative Data Portal Into The Metaverse deck is a collection of competitors and investors intelligence insights focused on this emerging market and its key players. Dive in to learn about real-time web data metaverse proxies to track companies movements in real time and make more informed business decisions.

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PDF (8.29MB)

Track company activity like never before

Alternative datasets reveal strategic movements within companies. Track when companies are hiring or firing employees, interacting with customers, moving product, and many other metrics indicative of company performance.

Make fast

No longer rely on engineers to access data; build and share queries with intuitive tools, and derive insights in real time.

Bookmark queries with your team

Save and share custom queries using a private bookmarking feature, accessible to your whole team.

Be first to know with alerts

Scan data points across millions of companies and receive emails when relevant metrics cross critical thresholds.

Visualize data for quick insights

Create custom keyword-based word clouds, charts, and advanced visualizations to quickly analyze the data.

Map competitor locations

Analyze competitor presence and growth over time by overlaying store locations with the Nearby Competitor feature.

Add widgets to your dashboards

Access existing maps, charts, word clouds, and other visualizations to understand your data quickly. Or build custom widgets to view data just the way you want it.