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  • Steven Boal founded Coupons.com to turn the tradition of scouring newspapers for coupons into a more high-tech process. Today, Coupons.com (now known as Quotient) acts as a digital bargain hunter for consumers, while simultaneously working with brands and retailers to provide them with insights into shoppers' habits. Boal told Inc. that the decision to rebrand Coupons.com as Quotient reflects a stronger focus on analytics, and was done to keep up with changing customer demands. "We've rebranded several times as our business has evolved," he says. Time will tell if the rebrand is a successful one. Note: employee count as of Dec. 31, 2015 read more
  • Locations

    • 400 Logue Avenue, Mountain View CA 94043
    • Mountain View CA
  • Total Funding (USD)

    76.8 million
  • Security

    Type: ORD
    CUSIP: 749119103
    ISIN: US7491191034
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